There could not be anything more pleasurable than traveling. Also, India will always let you make the best out of it. There are many alluring Indian destinations of course. However, there is something indeed special about Mahabaleshwar.

Settled amidst the enchanting mountain ranges of Sahyadri, Mahabaleshwar can take you through various mystical experiences of its surroundings. Mahabaleshwar tour packages are, therefore, known to be highly in demand. This place used to be the summer capital of Bombay when the British rule prevailed. The entire city architecture showcases this being highly influenced by British styles.

The plethora of interesting experiences, destinations, and activities are the most inviting factors for avid travelers. It had been a really popular hill station and a paradise for nature lovers. The place witnesses salubrious weather and magnificent sceneries. You will, therefore, have an unforgettable trip here.

Top 17 Mahabaleshwar Destinations

You will always have a long list of things to do and worthwhile places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Here’s the list of best ones out of them:

1. Venna Lake

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mahabaleshwar, bustling with tourists from different corners of India and the world. The lake is encircled with greenery on all sides. Also, there are interesting options for boat riding across the scenic lake. The place is open to visitors till late in the evening so that people can soak in the peace of lush surroundings perfectly and lounge by the lakeside for memorable experiences

2. Pratapgad

3. Tapola

Tapola, also known as mini Kashmir, is a rustic hamlet alluring the beautiful Shivsagar Lake. The place is well recognized for its pastoral beauty and adventurous jungle treks. You may take up some interesting boat rides in the peaceful waters of the lake. There are enormous beauty and tranquility that can be soaked in here. The abundance of the place in its flora resources makes it one of the best destinations in Mahableshwar.

4. Lingamala Falls

This would be on the priority list of every nature lover exploring the place. You will have a wholesome trudged trail of a forest to get through. Fledged with natural beauty, this is a perfect place for a picnic with friends and family. The days from July to December would be the best to visit here. These waterfalls are certainly the most visited, dangerous yet beautiful places in Mahabaleshwar.

5. Mapro Garden

6. Parsi Point

Being highly favored by the Parsi community for the unearthly beauty and awe-inspiring views, the place has been named after them. People can witness some of the most scenic views of the River Krishna from here. There are telescopes too, in order to let the visitors have a closer and clearer view of the place. The place is ideal to be visited for sunset views.

7. Elephant’s Head Point

As the name suggests, Elephant’s head point is a mountain resembling an elephant head. This place is as popular as the needlepoint. This is an ideal spot for tourists and picnic lovers. You will have abundant scenic beauty and sun. Also, you will love the surroundings of the hill-top. This cool and calm place will let you have absolutely amazing views.

8. Lodwick Point

This place was earlier known as Sydney point and then was renamed after General Lodwick. He was known to be the first British officer to climb the hill. There is a 25 feet high pole that has been stationed here in his remembrance. You will surely love the stunning valley and its panoramic views.

9. Mahabaleshwar Temple

Situated in the old city, is an extremely old Mahabaleshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built by Chanda Rao More in the 16th Century. The Sanctum of the temple is a great draw for the visitors, housing the holy pond and the divinely huge Shivalinga. This is a place impossible to be missed from any of the Mahabaleshwar tour packages.

10. Connaught Peak

The Connaught peak was initially known as Mount Olympia and was later renamed after the Duke of Connaught. You may be able to witness some explicitly dazzling view of the Krishna Valley and Venna Lake. Also, you will have absolutely unparallel views of other places around from the height of 1400 meters above sea level.

11. Rajapuri Caves

Settled about 10 kilometers away from the main town, the Rajapuri caves are known to be surrounded by large kunds. The caves allure, Lord Karthikeya Temple and Gathjal Devi Temple. The remaining caves are known to be having underground tunnels that were occupied by the Pandavas during their exile.

12. Panchgani

This is a scenic hill station in Maharashtra and one of the most recognized destinations in Mahabaleshwar. The Krishna River flows nearby to the place adding on a gentle whisper and overall charm. The place is also famous for strawberry farms.

13. Table Land

After the Tibetan Plateau this is the second highest mountain plateau in Asia. August and September would be the best months to explore this place and its scenic charm.

14. Krishnabai Temple

This is another extremely old temple that is situated about 300 meters away from Mahabaleshwar temple. It was known to be built by a ruler from Ratnagiri in 1888. You will surely love all the elements at the temple.

15. Elephant stone Point

This is one of the highest viewing points in the town, with beautiful, explicitly set views all around. If you are too fond of natural scenes, you are surely going to love this place.

16. Morarji Castle

This is again one of the most captivating sights you will have in the town. The Morarji Castle allures British style architecture. You will surely love taking a drive around the place admiring the views and splendor of the Colonial structure.

17. Tiger’s Spring

This is a natural thermal spring situated near River Savitri. This spring is also believed to be infused with spiritual powers. A 10 minutes walk away from the Arthur’s seat trek, it is an ideal destination with all probable elements to let you feel relaxed.

The above-listed destinations would surely let you make the best of your Mahabaleshwar trip. There are although many more places that should not be missed. However, these would always serve you the best when you are searching for the topmost picks. Further, Mahabaleshwar tour packages will help you perfectly well to plan amazing trips for the next holiday. Travel well with these.